Why college kids prefer lanyards

When you see college kids, no matter what their style, they do have one obvious trend: so many of them are carrying lanyards. There has to be a reason that so many college students find these great keychains to be so useful that they carry them everywhere with them. There are, in fact, many of these reasons. If you have ever been to college, you know these reasons as well, and you may even prefer one of these great items for your daily life.

It is a fact that college students literally have a ton of stuff to carry no matter where they are going. The list of stuff that has to go to a class seems almost endless: books, notebooks, pens, paper, a purse for a girl, money, ID card, and what can often seem like a ton of other items as well. This is just the basic load to go to one class, too. Specialized classes may even take a list of more items that have to be carried to or from. Art classes require a portfolio sometimes. There are also photography classes, classes that require a laptop, and many more other options that add items to the load you have to carry when you are in college.

Imagine what the total load of items to carry looks like for all the classes, or even a couple in a row, and then imagine stopping for some lunch on the way or even a quick snack on your way to one of these classes. Or even, imagine trying to get back into your dorm using a key to get into the building, or an ID card, depending on the college you attend. All dorms, though, require something in order to enter the building, and some classroom buildings even require IDs to attend later classes.lanyards

This sounds back breaking. The one thing that you don’t want to do as a college student in these situations is have to set everything down in order to dig through your pockets or your purse, or even a backpack, in order to find a set of keys, only to get them caught on ten different things as you try to pull them out, making yourself even later than you probably already were.

This is the main reason that lanyards are so incredibly popular with college students. They make life that much easier. The main purpose of lanyards is to be worn around the neck. The long fabric piece allows them to hang comfortably around the neck of any sized person as they move around. That way, your keys are never lost inside the other mass of items that you have to carry on a regular basis. What’s even better about this is that they can be pulled up or off the neck in order to unlock a door or scan an ID card. This makes maneuvering on a college campus much easier to manage.

The main reason that you can walk around a college campus and see so many students wearing lanyards around their necks is one thing: convenience. With the ten million things that they already have to carry, college students want to make the process of entering buildings and doing various other tasks as easy as possible, so they prefer to wear their keys around their necks. The long piece of fabric is comfortably worn around the neck so the student doesn’t have to dig for it to do what they need to do. The lanyard is an incredibly convenient invention that makes everyday life that much simpler for the average college student.

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How to Form Ideas during Article Writing Sessions?

Articles have different types: features, news stories, instructional articles, profiles and a lot more. While each of these has unique qualities, all these share common characteristics. They all have the ideas, information, structure and message. How do article writers form their ideas especially when they have a lot of topics to write about?

This article shows the step by step process on how to form ideas in every article writing session:

Article writing1. Initially, the writers must know what article type they want to write about. In figuring out the potential focus of a particular topic, writers must also think about the article type to be written that suits the messages they want to deliver. There are specific types of articles that perfectly fit a particular topic.

Examples of most common article types are:

• News

This article type presents things and facts that already happened, are currently happening and will be happening in the future. Usually, its structure answers the questions: what, who, when, where, how and why.

• Feature

Unlike straight news, feature articles present more descriptive and creative set of information to the readers. This article type features topics about a particular person, place, phenomenon and other subjects.

• Editorial

This is more of an opinionated type of article. Its intention is to persuade readers to think in a certain way regarding the topic.

• How-to/Instructional

This type of article provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to do a particular task.

• Profile

Through conducting research and interviews, this type of article tells more about the life of particular person.

2. Writers should do brainstorming for potential topics. Draft a list of topics to write about – ranging from history of man to the current technological advances. Narrow down the topic to write something cohesive and coherent.

In article writing, it’s also important for writers to determine these two things if they have them:

• Interest on the topic

• The purpose why they are going to write this article

3. Writers must choose something that they are passionate about. This can increase their enthusiasm to write more articles in order to draw in more readers.

4. Do preliminary research about the chosen topic. If writers are not familiar with the topics that they are going to write, it will be helpful if they can conduct preliminary researching.

There are two ways to research a particular topic:

• Enter a list of keywords on various search engines. Usually, this process enables writers to search for reliable and relevant information on the internet.

• Reading a lot of books and other printed materials. Visit a local library or scan through the pages of a morning newspaper. Examples of other printed materials are: journals, magazines, newsletters and etc.

5. Look for unique topic angles. After choosing topics and narrowing them down, writers must identify how they can make these articles stand out. Try to use a different article writing approach because other writers may also be writing the same set of topics. Make sure to come up with trendy and interesting articles based on the chosen approach.

6. Writers must hone the arguments. Arguments are made by writers when they do article writing. These arguments are considered as the articles’ main thrusts that’s why writers need quality arguments to come up with quality articles. After identifying the unique angles, writers can then focus on working the arguments.

As much as possible, writers should focus on the main argument to avoid misleading contexts up to the end of the article. Write the arguments in short sentences and place them near the work area to avoid lack of focus.