Cremation Services

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Here at, we like to offer our customers every service available, anytime, from Knoxville to East Tennessee. We are the best funeral and memorial service in town, offering a diverse range of services that are tailor-made to suit your preferences. Here at, we like nothing better than to give you exactly what you need, without the hassle.

Our cremation services were created in line with this. Being the only crematory within Knoxville, family and friends need not travel far to visit. With this arrangement, visitors can watch as the process proceeds, then attend the memorial services directly afterwards, on the same site.

We understand that you may have some misgivings about the process of cremating the body of the deceased. However, the practice dates back to at least 20,000 years ago – during prehistoric times.

Cremation Services


Traces of the practice were also found in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome –

More recently, in modern times, it was considered a legitimate form of burial in many religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Today, it is a widely accepted way of burial. It is even being debated as the more environmentally friendly means of final disposition, as opposed to the traditional burial.

If you are wondering about the entire process, it occurs in a brick-lined industrial furnace that can burn up to 1,800 °F. The body is usually cremated in a disposable casket. Gentry Griffey offers state-of-the-art crematory facilities that will ensure proper disposition.

After the cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn. Like caskets, there are various urns in the market – scattering urns, hardwood urns, biodegradable urns, metal and marble urns. Each one is designed to hold ashes for different purposes. Some choose to scatter the ashes in nature, while others opt to place the ashes in traditional urns, so they can keep them in urn vaults in cemeteries. Some even decide to keep the ashes in miniature urns, as remembrance.

It is important to note that cremation is the final step in the process. This means that the traditional funeral and wake, in a casket, may be arranged before it. After this, memorial services may still be held. We offer these services along with the cremation, for a seamless flow of events for the guests.

Cremation Service

For those still hesitant of availing our funeral services here are some advantages:

• Cost

Cremations generally cost less than traditional funerals. The cost of the casket, the grave, cemetery, and headstones are waived. Furthermore, a less elaborate funeral may be planned – saving you the expense of renting a funeral site for days.

• Environmental

This matter is still being debated, as some scientists believe that the emissions from the burning may cause more harm than good. However, it is generally accepted that the whole process is more environmentally friendly, the cause being that less space is required for the ashes than for a full coffin.

• Convenience

As mentioned before, some family members may choose to take the ashes with them – perhaps to avoid having to travel to the cemetery for visits. This is impossible for a traditional burial.

• More options

There are various means of disposal that are available only for ashes. For instance, a recent trend takes the ashes into an urn, which contains a plant, allowing the remains to become a tree eventually. There are several trees available, like the majestic oak, blue spruce, flowering cherry, and more.

Other trends include launching ashes into space, turning them into fireworks, packing them in balloons to float up in the sky, using as ingredients to remake coral reefs, mixing into paint to use in a portrait of the deceased, and placing in a piece of jewelry for loved ones. Others decide to engrave the fingerprints of the deceased on a piece of jewelry, then use it to contain the ashes. The possibilities are endless.
We assure you that availing our services is legal, safe and convenient. Gentry Griffey complies with all requirements of the United States federal law. We assist you with legal documents as much as possible, to save you the inconvenience of having to deal with it yourself.

Despite all this, however, note that some loved ones may oppose to the idea of cremation as a means of disposition. Some people believe that it is against their religion, or that such an option is a cold and calculating way to dispose the deceased. The option of releasing the ashes or keeping it is also to be considered. Where it is to be kept or released is also important; some alternatives are provided above. Ultimately, it is important to discuss these sensitive matters with the whole family – taking into account moral, financial and practical considerations. The choice is not always easy where the passing of a loved one is concerned.

Whatever your choice, we at are here to provide you with the services you need.

Here at, we offer best cremation services. If you are looking for cremation service provide so gentrygriffey is one of the best service providers. For more information you can contact to us.

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