Know the Signs of Bad SEO services

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A lot of factors are considered in selecting the right SEO firm that offers the best SEO services visit SEO is a difficult thing to do and is constantly changing, but rest assured that it will give the expected results if done properly. To do this, companies need to avail of the best SEO services out there. Given the competition today, all SEO firms have something to say to entice businesses – and some of those claims are indicative of scams and frauds, as well as low-quality work.

• Free trial service.

Don’t be deceived by free 30-day trial offers. Sometimes, these firms also ask for other pertinent details to gain access to a business website. So, if ever you already availed of these offers, don’t ever give any password or access information. It’s like giving your car keys to a thief.

• Underpriced or overpriced cost of SEO services.

Beware of SEO companies that offer prices that are a bit too different. Most likely, the price of their services is a clear indication that they are unreliable. In many cases, an affordable price translates to low quality work. On the other hand, ridiculously high costs could be indicative of high quality services – but that’s not always the case.

• Site indexing in just 48 hours.

Don’t be fooled by SEO firms that promise to index the website without even visiting and analyzing it. They are not doing most of the work that a true professional SEO firm does. And what is this work? It’s researching.

How the site is being laid out and the quality of its content is only two of the many factors in getting good listings. Great SEO begins with having a great website. If the website isn’t done well, SEO might still have it indexed but it doesn’t mean that it will also appear on search engines.

• Guaranteed page ranks or top rankings in a short period of time.

top rankingRankings are done by Google on a periodic basis, not daily. Also, businesses have no way of speeding up this process. It’s because the typical waiting time to get page rankings are from a couple of weeks to months. In addition, the page rankings will also depend on other website rankings. SEO doesn’t provide quick results, unless it’s done in an underhanded way.

• Massive submissions on search engines.

Don’t trust SEO companies that claim to submit the site on a thousand search engines. It’s not worth it to pay for that kind of service. Not only that it will not have any relevance, but frequent and over-submission to different search engines will also hurt the website. Furthermore, over-submission will not provide any help in speeding up the optimization process.

Besides, many one-click services that allow you to submit to numerous engines and directories are available online.

• Avoid SEO firms that ask for Meta data and SEO copyrights.

Agreeing to this may legally bar the client from using his own site. It’s okay not to share certain details about their search engine optimization service with others since its part of the signed confidentiality agreement. However, signing a contract that prevents the client from having the rights to the website being optimized is a different story.

• Flat rates and low fees per month for optimizing and promoting the website.

Generally, the best SEO services cost up to $1,000 per hour. These flat rates and low costs could give next to nothing when it comes to the quality of work. Normally, it would take long hours just to optimize and analyze a website. Good SEO companies read the website content, as well as study the industry and the competition, before making a proposal or a quote for their service.

If entrepreneurs could not afford to hire professional SEO firms, it is recommended to buy books and learn how to do everything by them. It may probably result to a better quality of work than relying on the cheap services of fly-by-night SEO firms.

• Stay away from SEO firms that do not answer questions.

It’s essential to have discussions between the client and the hired SEO firm. Firms that only discuss details about other things that they can offer and barely ask questions about the goals of their clients are only interested in money. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on anything about the site, the industry, competition, etc. That way, these SEO firms can align their SEO services with what you really want.

So, if your current search optimization service provider shows any of these signs, it’s definitely time to make a switch.

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