TaylorMadeGolf Irons: An Innovative Product Line

While TaylorMade continues its dominance in the driver department, their irons are also something to consider. Taylormade golf irons are one of today’s preferred irons by tour professionals. This article will talk about the innovations TaylorMade has produced in their irons as well as their latest products.

When it all began

The Tour Preferred line started in 1986, although it only featured drivers. This line would include two drivers and three fairway woods, all designed for skilled players. It was in 1987 that the Tour Preferred line would soon expand to the world of irons, at the request of tour professionals. Soon after its release, it would become one of the most popular irons in the tour.

Irons would not see that much action after 1987, since other brands were offering better irons, though TaylorMade is still recognized as a major manufacturer of both drivers and irons. This would all change in 2002, when Taylormade golf irons would be born anew with what TaylorMade calls RAC iron technology. RAC is short for relative amplitude coefficient, which TaylorMade introduces in the RAC OS, RAC LT, and RAC MB irons. It promotes a soft-yet-solid feel upon impact, something unique to TaylorMade irons. RAC technology is characterized by two “feel pockets” milled into the back of the club head, which channel impact vibration to strategic areas of the head to affect feel and sound.

Taylormade golfThis technology would give TaylorMade something that no other brand has achieved since: a number one ranking in the US Open for drivers, fairway woods, and irons. 2009 would mark the last year that Burner Irons would be produced, although they would leave their mark with Taylormade golf and its research and development team. The amount of dedication they put into each club made Burner Irons the number one selling iron model in the US at the time, which is a first for TaylorMade.

2011 would mark their latest innovations in forged iron design. Their Tour Preferred MuscleBack (MB), Muscle Cavity (MC), and Cavity Back (CB), offers varying degrees of feel, work ability and forgiveness. All of their forged irons feature the new precision weighting port which gives a high level of consistency for two reasons:

1.Directly positioning the center of gravity in the center of the face
2.Guaranteeing precise swing weight from club to club

These innovations make Taylormade golf irons one of the best iron sets to have in golf.

The Iron Line

Taylormade golf currently markets four models of irons:

•SpeedBlade, which has TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket™ technology. Speed Pocket™ is essentially a small cavity just behind the face of the iron. It gives the iron a “springboard effect”, allowing the face to flex and rebound at impact. This means it’s more forgiving for a mishit, perfect for 5- to 25-handicap golfers.

•Tour Preferred is TaylorMade’s iron set for skilled players. It’s divided into three kinds: CB (cavity back), MC (muscle cavity), and MB (muscleback). All three feature engineering based on observations made by tour professionals. Each Tour Preferred iron set is designed to be in tune with a skilled player’s play style.

•RocketBladez irons combine TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket™ technology along with its newest iteration of the Inverted Cone club face tech. This means much more consistency with high ball speed and distance for on and off-centre hits, especially for those low on the face. RocketBladez also comes in a Tour Preferred variety for more skilled players.

•RocketBallz is a line of irons specifically designed for ladies, incorporating the Inverted Cone club face, ATV sole for wedges, as well as the “Toe Bar” technology, which controls face-flexion for straighter shots.

Truly, TaylorMade has become a significant player in the field of golf irons. They’re still marked as one of the best, even to this day.

Taylormade golf equipment is certainly one of the best equipment for golf experts and beginners also.