Why college kids prefer lanyards

When you see college kids, no matter what their style, they do have one obvious trend: so many of them are carrying lanyards. There has to be a reason that so many college students find these great keychains to be so useful that they carry them everywhere with them. There are, in fact, many of these reasons. If you have ever been to college, you know these reasons as well, and you may even prefer one of these great items for your daily life.

It is a fact that college students literally have a ton of stuff to carry no matter where they are going. The list of stuff that has to go to a class seems almost endless: books, notebooks, pens, paper, a purse for a girl, money, ID card, and what can often seem like a ton of other items as well. This is just the basic load to go to one class, too. Specialized classes may even take a list of more items that have to be carried to or from. Art classes require a portfolio sometimes. There are also photography classes, classes that require a laptop, and many more other options that add items to the load you have to carry when you are in college.

Imagine what the total load of items to carry looks like for all the classes, or even a couple in a row, and then imagine stopping for some lunch on the way or even a quick snack on your way to one of these classes. Or even, imagine trying to get back into your dorm using a key to get into the building, or an ID card, depending on the college you attend. All dorms, though, require something in order to enter the building, and some classroom buildings even require IDs to attend later classes.lanyards

This sounds back breaking. The one thing that you don’t want to do as a college student in these situations is have to set everything down in order to dig through your pockets or your purse, or even a backpack, in order to find a set of keys, only to get them caught on ten different things as you try to pull them out, making yourself even later than you probably already were.

This is the main reason that lanyards are so incredibly popular with college students. They make life that much easier. The main purpose of lanyards is to be worn around the neck. The long fabric piece allows them to hang comfortably around the neck of any sized person as they move around. That way, your keys are never lost inside the other mass of items that you have to carry on a regular basis. What’s even better about this is that they can be pulled up or off the neck in order to unlock a door or scan an ID card. This makes maneuvering on a college campus much easier to manage.

The main reason that you can walk around a college campus and see so many students wearing lanyards around their necks is one thing: convenience. With the ten million things that they already have to carry, college students want to make the process of entering buildings and doing various other tasks as easy as possible, so they prefer to wear their keys around their necks. The long piece of fabric is comfortably worn around the neck so the student doesn’t have to dig for it to do what they need to do. The lanyard is an incredibly convenient invention that makes everyday life that much simpler for the average college student.

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